North Tillamook County Animal Rescue
animals that are lost, in distress, in need of a forever home, food, or of medical attention, are our focus.
We are on call to respond to animal needs throughout North Tillamook County, from
rural areas to the villages.
The long range vision of Animal Haven By The Sea Rescue is to have a North Tillamook County animal shelter, a wildlife sanctuary, and an adoption program for pets needing a safe, forever home.
Our mobile animal food bank carries animal food and medical supplies. We visit pet parents on limited incomes but with unlimited love for their furry companions.
We attend local events where we educate the community about the resources available to pet owners. We visit north county senior care facilities with our rescue therapy dogs who enjoy a loving cuddle with the residents.
It is your support that enables us to assist all animals in need or at risk.
Join us! Be a volunteer caring for animals in need.